✳︎✴︎✳︎ whoever does not like Mexican food is unAmerican ✳︎✴︎✳︎ – everyday poetry 220

✮ break the glass ✮


the ceiling in the kitchen
the ceiling
i want a highrise to the highest skies where i can kiss the clouds and dry my eyes
no cloth in cumulous nimbus
but the design like life is always within us
we are the earthlings with 2 legs mostly and arms dancing in the airs breeze like a robot made out of tin cans and string
and oh yeah, those long bendy things
coiled around one another in the comfort of we are here for someone that just does not want to be hear
when the ceiling shatters
does anybody get cut
is there ever the pain that hurts so much that it is the psychosis of check out time
i believe something should be broke
but the fallout has proven fatal for other innocent casualties
and no i don’t want to be the man to take the heat – to be pegged down, to be framed up in the slump of pooled blood for a flood of equal rights when i too have none
i smell garlic
for the love of food
pete’s sake has nothing to do with it
but jiminy’s crickets may
i think they are all outside at play with cash scampering about in ready to accidentally eat them
yes, accident i say, do U even know cash
he is the dog in black, johny’s buddy, and my buddy too, surmised he is everybody’s new buddy in this room, just like Gorden Lightfoot SnipperFox has been for years
come out of the kitchen
when U don’t have a closet to speak of
come down the road when U feel the isolation is killing you
let somebody holler out your name – and keep you in the game
we have a brother in trouble
we have a sister in the bubble
the pain is too much when there is no pin to pop and let drain for stains of another day
will U join me in this letter
put a couple lines down for the better
a curve here and a swerve there making s’s and d’s and t’s and g’s for give me some of all of these
turned to food for thought
turned to the loot we bought
turned to crowds at the mall while others are at war
U know – the Marine said that
Patrick of a group of 9 today
i am the other Marine
we only need one
but really the Army is in good company and so are we, Navy, if we have any, and the AirForce too, they are not spoiled at all – we here them call us for a break on the beach for sand in our hand and waves crashing like the market that we all have to wade in for the subtle changes because drastic changes were murdered by a political system in place
Bernie, he was just one face of millions
but when all these faces stand up
look for the leadership organized and not throned
look in your backyards – so close to home
when the filing system is there
we can all build a dome
weed is a derogatory word
for the medicinal properties that some plants have
a high in the sky is not so bad when all you have been is down
crowns are for those who think they deserve more than they could ever earn
and i want mine too
just to live in the richest experiences possible
would you like to join me for some raspberries
would U like to join me for some Mexican food
whoever does not like Mexican food is unAmerican
i will start that bullshit
and lets through in Muslim food too
is there a such thing as Muslim food
well, i am having seconds and thirds and the leftovers for breakfast
leave people the fuck alone
to be who they are
to be who they wish
a people or a group is typically no problem
extremest like U are the problem
and if i become extreme with too much love
please let me know
oh, i am talking about the other extremist – hate on their plate is the fate of being late
so i am back to love – an extremist to listen! to understand and join the band
break the glass

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