” mysteries of the Desert “– everyday poetry 221

mysteries of the Desert  – Rick’s prompt

mysteries of the Desert

today, we wrote in the style of the other Veterans here – i wished i could have posted all of them – maybe some time i will get to take a pic

today we had Rick, Lucy, Erren, Carlos, Wes, Adam, and our fearless leader Leilani:

we were walking for about 3 hours now, and U know who had forgotten her water, so did Billy Bob
but both were well experienced in the ways of the wilderness
they started out in the twilight of stars sparkling and moonlight dancing
for many, who never wonder into anything but the concrete jungle that i now live in
they would never dare go into the dessert without a drop of water
the seasoned adventurists, they knew the cool breezes lightly kissing sand and playing with the critters would also keep their previously hydrated bodies in good temperature with reptiles resting, basically paralyzed by the cool air
they slithered all that they can in the heat of the day
and Billy Bob and Brenda were almost back to civilization
Billy Bob had 2 gallons of water in the car
he knew he would not go far
so why carry the extra weight
Brenda, she was prepared just in case they somehow were stranded there for awhile, she had 4 large bread bags folded really tiny into her little backpack that had nothing but 3 granola bars
in her experience, that could be enough food for 2 days while eating like birds – sparingly for the earthlings
they did not mind, it was nothing compared to the weeks on end that they spent while in the deserts in Africa
Semper Fi she smiled
Semper Billy Bob replied
and that was it, 3 marines walking out of the desert
with the snakes sleeping
spiders eating
and sand designs blown from the wind was all that was in my mind
that and how the beautiful flora stood up as high as the full moonlight that gave us our night vision
and here we are as prickly and beautiful as cactus but we are not still in the night
133911 on 9/7/16
style of Rick Thurnell
remember the artist on 8/29 - buy a box of cards and ask a million friends to do so!

remember the artist on 8/29 – buy a box of cards and ask a million friends to do so!

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