leave your soul in the closet – everyday poetry 224

i don’t know exactly when we created this – i think a couple weeks ago – but here it is – i do know that this prompt is from Army Vet – Carlos

i would say Adam, Erren, Lucy, Rick, and Eric, maybe Wes was there… yes, i think he was there out of the Veterans – and maybe Leilani was gone?


leave your soul in the closet – Carlos prompt from the british guy from steven coviar show!?

9/14/16 13:17:09
we had a group meeting
we were in the middle of conversation
we had peace on our minds
we were in hammocks enjoying the cool breeze of an autumns day
we were bleeding the thoughts of those passed and those present yet not here
we were on the stairs of Valhalla but not yet preceding past step 7
23 days have passed and here we are
22 not saved and shooting stars
where there any gains from train stations without conductors
have 09 inductees into no apparent fame
flamethrowers are used to light fires now, the kind with logs and no need for kindling
guns and bombs are all melted down now and sculpted into the world peace treaty treats that feast the eyes and melt the soul
they go to wherever you are and i am and we are to be non-complacent
but with the use of hearty hearts and robust souls – we don’t need war anymore
we are a people who graduated to listening
we are a soul that touched the earth
we are community in dance called life with beautiful smiles like Bernie
not that Bernie, though he brought beautiful smiles too
but my Bernie, she is one of the wonderful infectious smile – maybe U know her too
i found a camp that took away all my pain
well that was a couple of yesterdays and now i am drained
follow me if you will over suicide bridge
perished, many have
and missed still
in this breath i recall
in this action i remember
in this # i…, we bring attention
has been 2 years now
it is
everybody – every day starting today
on suicide bridge to the 22 pushup challenge
i did mine today. i did them yesterday too
i remember because of those who have left
i remember because of those who are in the struggle
those who have returned but are not yet back
i remember because of the intimacy to the note
i know like U know, and now you know too
we are the few, not just the proud and the Marines
but the 1% who serve a nation
who sign up or are unfortunately conscripted to put it all on the line
we are here now for U
as U are here now for us
the bus did just pass, and the water is under some bridges
but to ditch us
the advantageous of our poverty
the overlookers of our day to day
thank U for your service
have a look at this
the perpetuation of Veteran Poverty
may we address this please
i see you in the trees
Β you headed to the park
U enjoy some frisbee as i did when i was a kid
i would love to still enjoy some frisbee
i have not been up to life
i don’t know if i will ever be back
but i want to be
i want to look into your eyes
and see a reflection of me
i want U to look into my eyes
to see a reflection of you
to really see those U are intimately in touch with
this will be the difference
to know that
or else you have left your soul in the closet

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