” more hands than a beggar ” – everyday poetry 223

Terre’s Prompt from Ravenous Butterflies – Frida Kahlo to Marty McConnell by Marty McConnell

we also have Veterans Eric, Wes, Adam, Rick and our Fearless Leader Leilani

more hands than a beggar

look out if you are in my neighborhood

i don’t want to even claim it

it is a place i happen to be holed up in

a Marine #EscapingSkidRow

it is not just a show

with the glorified shopping cart

yes it is a Lex

a vehicle i actually own

unlike the infinity

i could not drive because i had no gas $


but all the hands of the beggars

the second time around if you will

i have friends

they are only in as high of places as you put them

for me, they were living, they have been living all the years i have been murdered

over 10 plus the 7 out here in Pasadena and L.A. again


i put them really high, all my friend, my Spiritual & Veteran Family too

oft no difference at all

some seen me, i did not fall

but i was pushed by different hands than the typical beggars

they begged and did not have to beg hard at all

they easily found others to join in – in their crimes against the saint – in the victimization

victimization of the Marine – who was begging for truth to prevail

for the justice, the constitutional rights that he had put all on the line for

for the democracy of a nation

and yet he who champions the love of civility through democracy was not allowed to have democracy at all

crawl through the spaces of where i have been if you dare

hope U get back out with all the beggars

today, i hear and give to all the beggars that i can give to

those begging to be understood

without saying any words

those begging to be acknowledged for the sake of integrity

with or without saying a word


but in the poverty

now poor rich

and maybe on my way out

but i still can not give to all the begging hands to crack and addiction

or this too again will give to the affliction i am subjected to

all my hands begging for life, begging for truth to prevail,

133455 on 09/21/16

second part of the group therapy is a second writing

i am begging you – may i go and smell the roses

imagine if the answer was no

imagine the roses were just 10 feet away

and the answer was no

could U imagine

how it is that truth is caged

not for being truth

but for the exposure it would be to truth

for the interruption in what all had their faith in

for the interruption of grandiosities that grandstanded a system that has no end to the corruption it should and is supposed to stop


i want to hear it be said

those in the black robes have committed atrocious crimes against the citizenry

when they have actively participated in murdering truth

allowing for that which is unsubstantiated to prevail

like trying to say

pollute as long as U wish

there is absolutely no consequence to the earth U live on

the earth U live in

it is like saying we should have stayed in the industrial revolution

black lungs for everyone


it is different when U have heart disease from the very diseased who are seen as clean

and of course, all who use logic can realize the system of humanity is only as good as the stability enjoyed in the overall homeostasis of individuals in the community

so for a system to hate truth that comes against the established ways of doing things – this is called corruption

corruption in all systems need to be eliminated

but we know as there are over 7billion on this planet with brains used and unused = capacity wise

that this will never happen

thus we need all to be civlil

be lovers of truth

be understanding of things that you hated to understand because of the fear of how U see U’r-self within it

  • i am a beggar for civility, beggar for the truth to prevail, begging for life to be lived fully, lived to the fullest




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