discombobulation recant – everyday poetry 225

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 6.12.20 PM.pngwith the writers group we have 8 of us Veterans and one leader

guess who they are

133744 on 9/28/55

discombobulation recant

when the high blue skies hold the entire body of fluffy marshmallows for the sake of a gal or a fellow who is not so swell in temperament after all – but in the great crawl spaces they traced a map that you could shake your head at as to the definitive directions for the route out of harms way

they did not know either, they still don’t

the hand that reached in was that of the devils

at least all of the first 100 or so

it was very difficult to get to the hands that were not of the cloth of the undertaker

but raking the soil she was

she still continues


i heard a church bell bellowing to the sounds of black sabbath bloody sabbath

and stones were being carved

the harvest was not yet in

so the directions of the occupants would not be inscribed until the appearance of decaying flesh

current stones have directions as if it were compass directions

like most of them south, some south east, a few north and of course some way the fuck east and west

but it was up and down, and left and right which is somebody else’s up and down depending from where one was standing


i am really freaking hungry

how about some fresh caught catfish

dome dandelion root with the leaves that were so often dug up and tossed to the side

now i have a fully contained garden of what was once and perhaps still is so readily disregarded

a hangover you say – on the rhubarb stems and licorice root still with the taste of the minerals that were growing them

can i bring miss Fortune Cookie with me

i believe she would love this experience


take a trail from a path that has no past and has yet always been present with the dichotomies of equal representation in anything that one goes through or is subjected to


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