through the halls of karma and death penalty – everyday poetry 226

she wasn’t guilty, she was only 19 – junk science put her in a spin to that tin

the d.a. knew

all the evidence he did not let through

he is going to be a judge some day

the girl

beautiful skin

black as a kettle or was she white as snow

gorgeous to the point of eyeball meltdown

simple grace and elegance

smile 100 times more beautiful as mona lisa’s ugly ass

she always had a wonderful beautiful composure

speaking with the eloquence of a free spirit

she knew she would not be thrown in prison

she knew the truth will be revealed and prevail

what she did not know – is that the d.a. was the devil

there were no details

there did not have to be

the judge and the d.a. were in bed together

in camera meetings

strategists in the late phone conversations when their “genius” spoke in the night – IMG_9702past dreamland


her toes were always in the sand

she was the school teacher – who visited the slums

who was respite for the ghetto

who rescued those in the depths from where she came, the projects


she hung with the working girls

she knew the tragic travesty of that life for making it

making it to nowhere

she hung with the pimps

she spent nights with drugged-out brain mush with the nurturing of the temple

so that if one person was ready, there would be some sort of road to health to begin with

she ran with the crews so bent on the brokering of poverty that they claimed every inch of space as their own, even though they could never collect, they could never actually own any of it, but they owned it for the ruin of most everybody – less those beholding the mixology of painted creativity where all is their canvass


the d.a. almost had too much fun painting the picture of her demise

the twisting and turning of every truth the darkness of his falsities

his family was the long time enemies of her family – the poor

he could easily make another sacrifice of those who were less missed

and he knew how to turn the media against them

the plants and those readily willing to lie for his climb

3247 lives he has ruined so far

with excessive sentencing


if this was your friend, your family, the scenario U know

we would all work to help the d.a. and the judge etc. to walk through the halls of karmascreen-shot-2016-10-05-at-3-32-44-pm

as well as the public defender who pretended to be for the defense of the girl as black as a kettle or was she as white as snow


when the lights went out at night

court was adjourned

there was no truth to the trial

and beauty got burned

the girl as black as a kettle or was she white as snow

she was murdered by the state

for no turning back from the climb

she was murdered 3 years later with no advocacy

today everybody know she was murdered

and the judge still sits in his black robe

from the bodies he climbed on

know the bodies

they may not be the girl as black as a kettle or was she white as snow – or any hue in-between, it was likely a man not missed

15 minute timed writing – 14:15:14 on 10:05:16

today in the Veteran Writers group –


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