” soliloquy ” – everyday poetry 228


Loving oneself is the resurrection of a soul murdered to trauma

I meant it when i cussed myself out
I’m serious
But the self loathing has gotten me nowhere

Maybe it has, i mean down the street, or finishing a task
But is it the contributions to the heart disease
Is it me murdering me along with 1 and 3
4 and more

and even when a steal door slams infinity to the souls known perception of exactly what is going on

When it is undeserved – it is more intense
And there it was, 10 years were spent
Change there was and by that i mean time
A past not my own
A history not mine
What i have for dinner is hell on plates that never balance off in weight because they are always dished up with second helping from unexpected sources

Friends and foe give to the weight of the seared rips that is taking apart the aorta’s function

Pump that blood through all of my veins
The ghost sais as the strains of life want to be as the sands on the beach
What can i do to help you would be a good question
And when i don’t know
The answer lies in the mind of creativity

Do we just let him lay there and die
Do we just have the sting of death in our eyes all day
I want to sit on the patio of a beach front home

Would that take away all of the pain
Would that erase all the memories
Would it eradicate all the possibility for disruption from triggers
Would it
Would it

Sitting there as naked as the breath of air that rises and falls in the lungs
Playing in rays of sun to the shaded tongue of words still not spoken
There, just on the tip of the tongue
Hanging in the balance of a practitioners couch for some release of emotion maybe, stress maybe, or the built up unresolved finally laid to rest so…

U or i could live in these days still given
Instead of being in the shadows of the illuminated truth that begs with all of its strength, its pillars of marble to be seen, to be heard, to be used for the balance of scale

135134 on december 8th 2016

Soliloquy catching a soul

Soliloquy catching a soul

sIgn-up for the #EscapingSkidRow


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