“Can U Find Me” – everyday poetry 230

Can U find me

i am under the pen

within the ink

creating another thought

and i am the think


when line is drawn and words are formed

willingly drawn to the disaster that is you

because i don’t want U to drown in it

i don’t wish for U to take the longest road in the dark

no fog lights

no moon light

no brilliance of your own


i found a lake bed

dry as a bone

i found some lemons

evaporated to powder

i found that treasure chest

and the treasures been drawn


this is not to say that there is not another step to take

it is not to say that there are no more songs then too sing

it is not to say that one more design is not within you


nevermind the plethora

the dialogue of ideas

creativity spilling out of the pours

and much more


i have an idea

maybe more than a few

call it a little air to the lungs

and an elimination of the dreadful



on the bottom line

i found myself long ago

but when one grapples with the secondary person, the ghost, the entity that wants to live when it is not wanting to leave!


Happy Holidays!

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