” an artist is subject to all beauty beheld ” – everyday poetry 231

an artist is subject to all beauty beheld
Attention span shortened
Here comes another
And there is yet another
Is it nature this time
Is it a tree
Is it the curves of a woman
Is it flowers
Is it me

Typically in what i see
How is observations the key
Free is what is brought to my attention
Until the investment arises
The investment of conversation
But you have not that interaction with nature, with trees nor flowers
Nor do U have that with the essence of industrial risings, architectural designs in you for find
But the interaction of words on paper, line on whatever one wishes to be their canvas with pencil, charcoal or brush holding the fair amount of water colors, acrylics, or even oil if your into that spoil. Shutter speeds with fine tuning wheels, and the apertures held quickly or slowly for the etchings of images in and out of focus

And such interactions and more to that of the flesh, and the dreams of it pressed to your flesh for the pound of tests and reactions to the plan of life on the dotted lines

Hey you signed twice
But you can only live once

Police on duty
For the price of civility
Hopefully they all come out of it alive
And hopefully not jaded in the crease of monstrosities in vile speech to the broken curbs of violent atrocities

And in this world then
How it is easy for the desire to wrap ones mind and hands then around that of the softer world
For the ecstasy of a life lived and give
Can we free our mind in another find of this and that in present time

Is it the face of a woman and the curves in the mystery of the clothes
Is there a name attached
Is there character in place
Is there history
Is there always then the desire for history

Fair and just
Virtuous and true
In the closets of freaks and trolls
And the ghosts of harm and harmed
And will we then disarm all such to the center of balance
When understanding does speaking deep inside the soul
So creators go to this and every house with open door
To speak angels words of making you and me whole

This acceptance of the realities of life well lived
Fullest to the person across from you who is me
And then stop judging yourself in the lessons so that we then will stop judging ourselves to harmless observation of nature in our everyday situations

Yes there is a time for the conveyance, a time for reveal, a time for a sit still to capture fantasy in the light of darkness or the light of day!

Positive flow of smiles that go miles and miles around this world in the vehicle of electrical conduits and the ancient flow of foot patrol

an artist is subject to all beauty beheld
185931 on 12 31 16
Cheers to an auspicious 2017


The artist and poet, last day of 2016

The artist and poet, last day of 2016



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