” Inside Out Prisma ” – everyday poetry 233

“inside out Prisma”

writing prompt by Paris Matic


a great depth of reality shakes this truth for the need of balance

or the blue fire meets with red fire for distressing chaos

and like fire with pros and cons

we speak to the positive because we wish to go on with a journey

The substance of the remnants of flames burning hot โ€ข both in hues to red and blue

is the elements of the better best you

nurtured with the substance of growth and every essence of life

for wisdom needed from the lowest of lands to the highest heights to be busy with hands

even the glass the eyes look through to the greatest span and struggles of success comes from sand

in yin & yang we embrace the same for the complementary for soul’s strength tamed

so in sadness โ€“ maybe pain โ€“ seemingly straining any gain

rivers flow to the actions we know brings change for all to know to let go

so in joy and sadness did we grow

113223 on September 1, 2016

– iPhone –
art therapy, because you are A work of art

skid Row artist
Marine Cpl., Kenneth James

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Inside out Prisma

Inside out Prisma


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