” Fruedian Slop ” – everyday poetry 234

I wrote this in the Veteran Writers Workshop at Wellness Works about a couple weeks ago, and did not have the chance to put it up… like many other pieces still here and there and not organized

Fruedian slop

And a miss
And, did U hear this
Oh, it is going to be a fortress
It is going to have a gas fireplace = no smoke no fumes
It is going to be a haven of fresh air
It will be the grandest 2 20 200 2000 ACRES
Freudian slop, u will not find, you will have to bring your own slop, and then you will have to leave it at the end of the road, before you are allowed or not allowed in!

Oh, there will be a list of instructions, ,and one of them will be
Leave all the fruedian slop, and slips and anything you smoke burn or dip at the door…
the further instructions will be, when coming here, remember not to bring that for next time…
as this is an oasis – and will be continuously evolving to an ever closer ideal of relaxation, health, advocacy of health and wellness

Veterans will be welcome… after the list of course…
there will have to be a willingness to see the vision and be part of the vision
Can you pull your head out of that = the warning signs for years said that is deadly

Oh, we have a self sustainable clean power source = we have recycled water and have created our own lake from the water generated naturally and sustained on the land
We have a coy pond and a track of soft grass that is fussed with moss that absorbs the weight of gravity, this is where we do Tai = Chi , Qi-Gong, yoga, i don’t Pilates too, why not

There is a full gym in the health resort area where U can work out with the trainers, and eat the suggested variations of the best quality food and drink and then you can get anything, a stone massage, a mud bath, a salt dip or sauna, an exfoliation, skin rejuvenation after the skin detox.

Only 200 people per month will be able to attend, so yes, it is very limited but it is a prototype that is the model for the resorts all around the world.

For veterans it is the same as the make a wish foundation…. but specifically for those who have served their nation

The final stage of the month vacation spot is to do with Veteran ownership that was based on the original papers of The Perpetuation of Veteran Poverty http://wp.me/P2HqKX-GV – this is part of the many other facets of the facilities that brings overall balance and wellness to all the Veterans as much as can be grasped and appreciated. We already have 23 condo sites, and 73,000 homes that we have been able to provide for those who served… because beautiful living spaces for Veterans is a part of life stability that should never be skipped over… we finally reversed the greedy spending trend of contractors, non-profits and individuals from being the entitities who gained off of our Veteran misfortunes, and now it is the Veterans who own the property, and because of this wealth, we are making much better strides in the area of wellness for all of us!
13:59:27 on 12.21.16

See the important links below the art please and there are words as well 🙂

Kenneth's nature

Kenneth’s Nature

, V

Important links

This year in august of 2017, i want to finally become successful as an artist and a poet – so please register at the link below, and get others, many others to do the same.

what is it.

it is direct support of a disabled Veteran – to hire him as an artist  – which will create his journey of #EscapingSkidRow

so it is a like a reminder that you will buy at least one box of 25-cards in august, remembering the Marines special date of 8/29

don’t forget, some of the art offers canvas, acrylic, and metal prints as large as 7ft wide or long. And there are also some wonderful cups available, i still have to put prices on many of them – 😐 sorry 😐

please register now – with link below


help me to get 500,000 buy a piece of art, a box of cards, a cup, a shower curtain etc. Just one per person and i will escape skid row in style, with much to offer you in aesthetics , which is also healing art, and not only is the art intriguing, but there is some mind challenge in the poetry! #theBroaderRoadToCivility that we are all on, or will be on… let’s hope!


ONE OF MY OTHER GREATEST PASSIONS BESIDES ART IS the “Perpetuation Of Veteran Poverty” to be addressed http://wp.me/P2HqKX-GV

upon becoming very successful where i have enough for me to live my artist dream of having a great space to create as well as a wonderful place to live and the means to do so for healthy food, and care i need (many say i deserve, and i do believe them, though they have been only words thus yet)

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