” a bouquet of flowers ” – Everyday poetry 235

Today at the Veteran Writers group – group therapy

we had Leilani – our writing coach, we had Terre – Army, Lucy – Army, Rick – Air Force, Lone Wolf – (odd i don’t know his branch of service yet! And myself – a Marine

Leilani said she noticed a fusion of my style of writing in the abstract, and a stronger depiction of description and detail – what she always encourages us to do. Try doing that when writing a book about some trauma that you have been exposed to, some trauma that went on for years and still goes on… and many things act as a trigger – NO, don’t try it! Unless you are evil, and have done such to the innocent… then yes, try it! Otherwise, all love and strength to those who are civil!


What would i like to tell U

From a soul of Ukrain gaining culture POLAND

I would have to say that the wind is forced into an arena of minds
The sound barrier today not broken
steady interruption from the erection of wealth
Soon to set more of the containment of those who will never have
It is a buy in =-= into the faulty degenerative system of have and have nots

But some have, and soared above you
Some will have and shall bypass your masses
Some will bring it to the reverberation of thought to change the system
So that all will have
Many more will have
For all the better over all contributions

The balance of distribution is in the shockwave of their own tectonic plates
This nation and was it spread to this from that to another place in time
Thousands and thousand of miles over land and mind
The way things is is a settled place for complacency
Do we then bury the thought process of creativity
Put no intellectualism to the masses
Feed no populous impoverished the food of think for yourselves

Nutrition building stronger bodies and mind is not just the consumption of Whole Foods

It too is whole thoughts
Well thought out and pondered
From ghosts that continue to give to the breathing
They are hear among us
Some in the same flesh and blood flow of a rivers potential
Some in the same bloom of flowers that you have on your dining table
Some in the same cloth of conundrums
The how in the hell kind
The what the fuck kind
The will i ever be unstuck from this and that time
And where will i ever find any advocacy stronger than that of the 88 making weight for the diminishing of anything right, but some things right in the wrong kind of loyalty

I have a bouquet of flowers around me
We are in a vase
We know of the trivial conversations around us that take from the reality of something falling from the breath of life and death
So stated in the appreciation of today is what is precious
14.03.21 on on 01.18.17

People around us who have graced us and are our grace

Kenneth's nature

Kenneth’s Nature

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