” in and beyond the mirror is love ” – Everyday poetry 236

” in and beyond the mirror is love “


a candle by love in a RIP – Art manner

have U seen it flow from the site of hammers

blow by blow has it been nailed shut

has the point been made

has the ground swelled with emotions

wingdings in fixed things for a total congratulations

love in the arena of patience

love in the arena of nurture

love in the arena then of listening

with a gracious plan of affirmation

with a gracious plan for a journey

with a gracious path where one has room to expand

it is not what you may think it is

there may be different parameters for its concept to equal the idea of what it is

sometimes we find burrs

sometimes we find friction

sometimes we find that it is very hard to find

in us, and sometimes beyond the mirror

but now we are busy

looking deeper into the mirror to find a pattern we do not notice

a design shaping a new me, a new you, a new us

we are seekers

sought even after tears drowned us – and/or our pain of another, of others

maybe that pain is still there

but definitions of how to = they are our new companions to hug ourselves

and to get a hug

not an agreeable ear per say

not an atta-girl, or an atta-boy … which i hate by the way

no, not an appeasement, especially not for a fake soothing of the soul

but a concerned response to let you know that i hear you

and where do we go from here

may i suggest the Bahamas

maybe to go see friends all around the world

and how should a lack of funds person dare to dream this…

because, while on the road to more and more stability

the vision is in the dream

and the dream is hanging out with fantasies of your wildest imaginations

we are in the fullest of life, when it is that we can experience any of the fullness of life

i see some of you in me

i see some of me in you

something tangible to grab hold of

to share with the world

in a written word piece

in an abstraction from the abstractionist USMC Corporal – who RIP’s – art for the RIP he, and those he knew, those he knows in ghosted walked shores, and long halls with echo’s on walls of what used to be said, is still said today


dreams not dead

fantasies though hard to fathom still breathing a pen to paper breath

hopes still on the road to be hoped for

is an open door being closed, is a closed door being opened, is there a crawl space or an opened window, is that an automatic garage door opener, is the path through the gate a viable state of opportunity for you and/or for me!

bring me a little closer

tell me something more

ask me the right questions

and i shall ask you one more


family sometimes are not family

when the care not for the truth

when they try to manipulate you with fake religion

when they all of a sudden want to be a part of your life, or the life you wish to live

but don’t want to propel you, wish to bring no truth to the table, want not to talk about abandoning you in your greatest time of need, wish not to ask you any questions but to judge on false pretense of what they think they know – or what they want to psychologically beat you with because they are not the answers and are not interested in looking for them

i know your mind may be swishing in the circle of the whirlwind right now of abstractions, and the realities of fact checking forensically sound statements and writings shall soon unravel these mysteries. A bit quicker upon the seat of stability, the bed of a good night sleep, the key to a home that is not a closet to be depressed in as the stagnant carcinogenic air creeps to the lungs i wish to make healthy, to try to choke out the life of them, that no more words come forward

truth, it shall always shine

it has in the abyss of those trying to hide this, and whether anybody opens their mouths with it or not, the universe knows it.

so be truth for somebody today

if you know it

say it

smile for it’s freeing power

for the empowerment of i told you i did not make this shit up

i was subjected to it

and now because of your beauty, i am having the opportunity to live the truth that i have always been

the love that i have always given

now a broader road to civility has expanded opportunities for love to shine

thank U for following what is divine, your bravery is duly noted – i know your risk, and appreciate the value you put on what is truly precious

19.31.17 on 01.18.17

I am right here

I am right here

Love skeleton and the birth

Love skeleton and the birth

2 thoughts on “” in and beyond the mirror is love ” – Everyday poetry 236

    • Thank U so much Sandra… I haven’t been posting so much, but did another today from the group therapy – veteran writing group – and the “in and beyond the mirror is love” i wrote at a coffee house… peace and love and happy Wednesday – and all week long.

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