” Block script to the end of the world ” – everyday poetry 237

Just three of us and our fearless leader here today – miss my other Vet family Erren, Lucy, Terre, Patrick – the other Marine, Adam, Wes, and Carlos, who i was able to see the other day! Hope they are all having a wonderful time… Wes is out Volunteering in Vietnam at a place that helps people with challenges, Adam, he is in Hawaii – i feel so very sad for him, also having a major wonderful time – i am thinking. Eric, i hope is doing well today, and Patrick… also having a consistent difficulty with disabilities… lets hope wonderful things for him and his fam, and Thomas, who is not part of the group. So we had a wonderful writing of 20 minutes with Rick and Lone Wolf and our fearless leader wrote about the wonderful women’s march!

here’s my writing

Block script to the end of the world

if there was nobility in what happened

then there would be just a description of what truly happened

i want to scream

all about your nobility

all about your honor that you never found

Cluster fuckall about that black robe and gavel

it should be somewhere beneath gravel


like that of the gangsters

escaping consequences

but typically not committing crimes against the citizenry

but other criminals…

oops, i’m sorry, other gangsters

we wait a minute

because our recollection of history is different

is it because of the movies or reality

that we seen in the glimpses that mom’s and pop’s shops were taxed to extinction

protection money my ass

the police too at times played the same game

it still happens today

but not by all of them

maybe there were even honorable gangsters



in this year of 2017

i love the sound of the year

i bury anything called fear

i aim toward the sky

before dirt claims anything that used to move

i wished the dirt would claim it

instead of the coffins, the caskets that cradle rotting flesh like baskets with fruits untouched and puddles of gooh pool the bottom until all the rest of the decay catches up in it’s dried paint of what i used to be, what that fruit used to be

i wish to be prolific in my writing like the prolification of art streaming love for the sake of burying myself in a better quality than that of the anguish that chips away at longevity, even  though i was forged in a stealthy case of mental and physical engagement that ate the autodidact before it could fly away. The nourishment of my soul, and should be what we could all feed upon

i’ve met people who threw it all away to be a part of something bigger to lose themselves in a cluster fuck

i am a part of something bigger, as so many are, contributing to sound that brings harmony as a melody of civility played not on violins only, but the orchestra of life orchestrated on the paths of love tick tock beating drums in the beats of hearts music resonating the some tune with the eclectic collective of an universal soul on a train to the broader road to civility

i seen the stars shining a great smile of dust to light up the path of the trails in pitch without a judgement of The Who is who and who deserves my light

i sometimes wished that i could do the same, and still haven’t found the same page of forgiveness that the enlightened engages us about

but am i not just as much enlightened

or have shined a light on the fact that some things are not forgivable, and that like my friend Sayuri says and so many others, like the Marine Patrick… “be good to yourself” and my many therapists who say the same thing, learn to love yourself

And i use energy to do so, to find it, to recognize self loathing and the greatness of self deprecation to put others above myself… but i did nothing for myself

so do something for yourself

listen to the light

and see the enlightened thought that you don’t have to forgive, just love, and be loving for the best of all to your life and the life of others.


Much love to all the family who are civil, who love truth, who serve and served selfishly

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sign up to show U will support the artist by buying art from me august 2017













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