” QUESTIONS ” – everyday poetry 239

So, this is not exactly poetry, but a fusion – and very serious! 


Today’s workshop – our Writing Coach took us on a totally different direction… which happens from time to time. We had 4 Veterans – Rick, Lucy, Terre and me, and our Writing Coach, Daughter of a Korean War Veteran: let’s get to the questions

1. if you could write on anything, what would it be

i would write on the topics that i always write on

there is an importance of voice

not just for the sake of voice

but for the propelling of a people

any people

like minded

and not

to be encouraged


loved and hated


when the discussion is


and i don’t mean hated in that way, if that is what you thought

i mean detesting and denouncing an action

but with a retention of love

of yourself and for others

to bring all as close to the point of

being thoughtful



and the nurturing of life

that life then continues to be precious

– so i continue my threads of

the perpetuation of Veteran Poverty

the book of the Marine who was denied his constitutional rights – at the time he needed it most – staying vague until the book comes out – is important

Love Triumphant in abstractions and poetry

civil liberties for all – in freeing myself from a hateful non-understanding culture

to a culture of embrace, and / or at least understanding

that the path we then seek become broader and broader

in the brain train of expansion


2. What may happen if you do write that anything 

the Perpetuation of Veteran Poverty and Love Triumphant – if i continue to write about these, the world may see both national and interanational (Happy International Woman’s Day) that we need to be kinder and more understanding with aforethought behind what we say, and the willingness to put time and energy behind the words we speak that evoke a stirring movement within our spirits to… for example exact needed change that adds a substantial contribution to our World, and hopefully the entire world

the autobiography in part, that i wish to write, it is complicated because it is not simply an autobiography because it is not solely about me but what other people did when committing crimes against me, and how they still commit crimes against me. Heavy, this will bring the heaviness of that, there will likely be more of the same anguish in my struggle to gain that which is just that was never gained in the first place

and on the other hand, with that, it will bring attention to another side of an unknown war, or another unknown war that is being launched against some – as tyrannical despots usurp power that of course was never theirs – and they haughtily have used it as crimes against me – against a people, against a nation


3. what might happen if I don’t write that anything ?

if i don’t write that anything as far as the perpetuation of Veteran Poverty, and the Love triumphant writing i continue to write, there will that much less contributions in the world for #theBroaderRoadToCivility

this is also true with the autobiography that i have been writing since 2003, after many years of being victimized already and taking my petitions to courts and so many other people to try to gain the access to justice that was never given in the first place

if it, the autobiography never gets written i will be incomplete, stuck in complacency, and the filth of others will forever… may forever ring as true… though the truth shall always prevail the same as the love that i am.

that said, i will feel like a failure, and i would just hate myself for not giving all of who i am to all of who we are as a people of the earth.

i will be grieved that i did not contribute as much as is possible to the saneness of humanity when it comes to correcting injustices of this world and making it better for all people on the great levels, all levels that are possible.

if i did not write it, i would not be giving the fullest love that i am

4. what might happen if your words are forever there in a book

should the words that i write be forever there in a book, the world will have an opportunity of hearing a narrative if you will that is not much heard, as there is a world of unright opposition toward those who are mired by the important people of this world, and it is rarely questioned. They will have the opportunity to then see that a person who had been altruistic in all his duties, not only as a Marine, but since being a child, the person who he has always been, and the person that this Marine has always then been post service in the Marines and the character that remained regardless of those who have so far been able to get away with committing crimes against him.

There will then be an opportunity for the audience as a collective, be the United States Audience, and/or the International audience to make changes in how people are treated, and that fairness must be closer to the actions than unrelated agendas to that which is just and right for all.

With all the writings then, there will always be opportunity for #TheBroaderRoadToCivilty to become as broad as possible, and there of course will be a reverberation of love for the preciousness of life attributed to all life.

14:22:27 on 03.08.17

Note to self and those who behold this

thank U for the love of listening, taking the time to understand, and for loving yourselves as well.

i will be back to edit later… i hope

Eclectic Love

Eclectic Love





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