” love and delusions – 1 ” everyday poetry 241


todays writing group, our Coach LeiLani gave us an assignment of reading a few first paragraphs and then writing our own story with the inspiration – We had Veterans Adam, Rick and Carlos – as well as myself. We missed our Women Veterans Terre and Lucy, and our other Veterans who did not make it, but Wes Wil be back from Viet Nam next week, he did some wonderful volunteerism there. And Veterans moved away and Veterans unable to make it. I met and seen a couple other Veterans today.. Well, cheers and here is the writing. Forgive me, it is not really poetry but published with my everyday poetry.

For centuries people might have dreamt about love, but it wans’t any reason to get married. It’s no accident that most of the love matches of classic literature end in tragedy
Stephanie Coontz on the past, present and future of marriage

Story / interview by mark leviton pg. 7 the big print quote


The artist that creates the restoration of love, the intricacies of love, the parallels to love, the ironies of love, the love amidst adversity, the foundation of love, the love that has been murdered, the entity of love, the lusts given to or wished to be given to while as always still being love, elusive love, find(ing) U’r Love found, Eclectic Collective Love Collaboration, Resurrected Love Reclamation and love triumphant etc. etc. etc., especially while amidst adversity – however extreme or mild it may be – as with my topics on love are typically not that bubble gum kind of love!.

Have you ever been in love, are you as other people still defining love, have you ever listened to Stephanie Coontz to get a take on how much broader love could be? How affirming her story is as to why many love interests don’t work, and maybe how some of them do and the clue as to get your love to work.

FORGET ABOUT IT! O.K. i don’t know Stephanie Coontz, and you don’t know me, maybe 3 people do! Oh, if you like this, feel free to share it, so three people may know me. Just maybe i will be #EscapingSkidRow this year (look for it on twitter, and my kenneth james.us site etc.)

Back to the writing – and the quote on page 7.

Love, in my experience is not what our world, it could be any world i believe, and maybe it is closer to what it is in some culture than in other cultures – perhaps nation-wise especially in comparison to the cultures practiced and passed on in the United States of America.
It is my experience, that most people are delusional about love. The whole until death do we part thing… and …
oh, i know where this comes from
It is not the best philosophy for over at least 50 percent and better of American couples, let us not fact in all the loveless marriages that are still together maybe out of their spiritual saving face if you will, and all the marriages that are not and never have been about love but are arrangements for the business – whatever business deal it is and for the outcome of that arrangement.

In my experience, i see it best to be the greatest love that you can be, and in that regard, when interacting, and having relationships, whatever kind of relationship it is, if we are love, we share love.

It is one of my greatest revelations – which came through the victimization of people committing most egregious crimes against me, and it has been apparent that there is no hope of them to come forward and admit and right the most tormenting and life destructive affect that they subject me to regularly – the REVELATION the epiphanies if you will – is that LOVE IS PARALLEL TO TRUTH there is no separation – and i am not talking about the your truth is your truth kind of bullshit, but actually that which is factual – like that person lied to benefit themselves financially without caring that they will murder another person with their lie, with their lies… tantamount to criminal behavior. Or the criminal behavior that those people partook in was sanctioned by the very people who are supposed to uphold the law. Or that Marine, who served his Nation with integrity, and was released HONORABLE WITH A GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL for his three years service – the one who was almost killed several times while in Service to his Nation, he was unable to have his constitutional rights when he needed them most, when it was about life and death while others played games and are still playing with what should be his life, but is a graveyard for a ghost with no apparent hope of seeing light at the end of the tunnel

14:02:21 with an additional 10 minutes given to the 20 minutes for the reading and writing that this exercise was – i failed again to do as the instructions that were given – but i have an artistic license that i am taking regardless if you think you will give it to me or not! Cheers to the fullest and most wonderful life that is possible for all.


Some color and thorns of love

Some color and thorns of love

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