195434 on march 15th 2017

the PERPETUATION OF VETERAN POVERTY comes about not only from the homelessness that i have suffered, but that many Veterans of America have and do suffer HOMELESSNESS. Some Veterans don’t even consider themselves homeless, but their space is a crawl space of a trailer, or a tiny room that is not their own, but all monies paid per month for it is that contributed to the only miserable place they can afford for subsistence – the meager existence.

Myself, i am still on skid row, in a low income room i call a closet. My complication is not being codependent on a self medicated regimen to deal with the trauma and physical injuries that i have. It is the poverty of disabilities, the inability to keep a career, and the misfortune of having people who were willing and did commit crimes against me of which their affects still very much adversely affect me and even paralyze me from living. There may be many more Veterans with similar experiences, and i don’t know. But i know that there are very many Veterans with the commonality of having experienced homelessness, and doing everything they can to continue their contributions to society and some for which are very much the greatest Advocates of Veterans who are suffering misfortunes – as well as Veterans overall… who work and are geared toward working toward Veterans having all the very best of life that is possible.

This is not to say that i and others who advocate for Veterans do not care about the general population or Civilians if U will. We do, and much of what we do for Veterans lends positive direct and indirect affects for the civilian population, as in relation to the parallel life difficulties that they face as well. So, when i hear civilians being upset at my advocacy for those who served our Nation, those who put all on the line and may have had to pay that check too while serving… well, this is exactly why i advocate so much for those who put it all on the line. Those who have seen death in a job were it was that we would take life, and see life taken from us… if need be in any of the missions that we were put on, or that we would have been put on if in that time, we were called to do so.

This is all at the heart of the PERPETUATION OF VETERAN POVERTY. Because in America, where the dollar is bottom line, and the dollar means property holdings, and other resources that are meant for Veterans, be we Veterans do not see it because there are too many people who say that they support Veterans, that they are doing this and that for Veterans, but what in reality, in their heart of hearts, they have conceived that it would be quite easy for them to become wealthy – or benefit – if they do it in the name of Veterans, like buy a house… they may have the down for example… or they may have been trying to pay it off forever, and kept getting further and further into debt. And then they say, well i will provide “housing” (a word/phrase that i can’t stomach) as if we were cattle – some less than human people not worthy of a wonderful living space…

So, this and the other papers that i have written about the PERPETUATION OF VETERAN POVERTY – it speaks to these situations. And, it is not only the individual, it is also on a much larger scale – where non-profits and their shareholders profit tremendously because it is allowable in a business setting – and not enough people are pissed that the misfortunes that we have are being used… in other words we are being used again if you will, not unlike in many situations of war… were we are used and others, even those in office… like a Vice President who can make a Billion or Billions of dollars or whatever amount on our lives, on we who are on the front lines of any wars, or who are up to be on the front lines, ready to be used for their disposal… for their gains, their wealth and their power.

It is no different that a nonprofit that spends hundreds of millions of dollars on advertisement, and the other millions they say they spent on Veterans – and on what was it that they spent that money on … for Veterans. Even if some received some physical therapy for their disabilities even if it was the top of the line physical therapy… could this not be received from the V.A.? O.K. there is a valid argument that the V.A. don’t get to all the Veterans in a timely manner. But i do believe that this is being corrected, and that those who work for the V.A. are becoming better at interacting with us

O.K. This is tangent or blog post # 1 … well # 3 or 4 after the original PERPETUATION OF VETERAN POVERTY

Peace and Love to all our Advocates who have our best interest at heart. FOR REAL!


"Etched Love" - show the Citizens Love and respect!!!

“Etched Love” – show the Citizens Love and respect!!!


    • Thank U Traci – we keep on doing what we can to make a difference, as soon as a thousand people give me their email specifically for this, i will see if we can make a group of people who will do administrative work to start the Union for the CO-OP and we will find our way into the first trump tower style beautiful living spaces that Veterans can get as much stability and wellness as possible.

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