” printing some color ” – everyday Poetry 242

printing color

printing color

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as with all poetry and art that i post, it is copywritten to me – unless otherwise stated when it is not mine, but all content has been mine and is mine and copywritten to me = this formal statement is on 04/07/2017 @ 20:52:31

peace love ane ART & POETRY with a dash of everyday life – enjoy the poem


a stroke of the hand
a peck of a finger
a wreck

we go and find correction

look deeper
nothing wrong with introspection
a little soul searching
to keep us right in the flight of day and night

i want to hear what the clouds have to say about this
where it takes me if i can open this sail
fly me to any and every edge of the earth
to meet and see new faces in cases of creativity proclivities

speed me off to a chase
love is laced on everyones face
when we open the suitcases of our soul

a bowl of soup is great with the salad of life
if we are more say lovers
do we have to fit into an oppressive set of confinement if not needed to be
but to share art on any level
written word
spoken word
words caught in this bowl of collective whole in everyone we know
and then out of our hands, our feet, our spray from whatever can to the street
meet me on the highest grounds to have all of us found

to live the greatest and fullest
whatever life is and death isn’t
to find in out of the soil
the budding of your essence… some same intricacies is my essence too

to escape the mundane
the air pollution
the stress that leads to no solutions

is it the breeze or temperament of character
not too cool but laid back
yin and yang –
living and let live
giving in a world of reciprocation
and not asking for return
especially with inflation
no interest expected

it is in the every aspect of life
printing some color

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