” will art for food… for a home, for love, for you ” – everyday Poetry 240

Tuesday January 23rd @ 20:03:32

here alone at the starbucks little Tokyo, my ihss worker abandoned ship… so hard to find a good commitment that also knows what they are doing.

Skid row is killing me… wishing i could become a successful artist, and maybe famous for the love that i share, wish to share, try to share.

” will art for food ” 

a child

the ripe old age of 9

bought milk and bread

for family instead

child labor money

pulling weeds & washing chalk boards

he chose to labor

eventually there was 8 others and a mom and dad

wish-me sandwiches,

two pieces of bread and wish you had something in between them, and sometimes wishing we had bread

i did not need anybody to ask me, i am an observationalist

I did no art then, but was it not art to see

will art for food

I will work my ass off

i know you think i am lazy

i will work my ass off

i know you think i am lazy

i will work my ass off

i lost 19 pounds

i don’t know if any of it was in my ass

will art for food

as a teen i did too

worked my ass off

skinny with  that athletic body

but not in all my high school classes

manual labor, was known, and done

cross country, nailed it

for others and my family



will art for food



less than 2 years – meritorious

do you know the Marine Corps?

if you do, you hear me


not only to this Nation

but still to family as well

2½ years, at least half, or the eentire paycheck to family

gifts too

family is everything

family was everything until it wasn’t

i always, they never

not in the time of need

just words that bleed

like the fickle “I love you”

for them a tool of manipulation

will art for food

work hard at understanding

in eyes of a difficult and complex reality

but not stopping

the hard work at making sure i give my natural love as much as possible

work hard to not let all that has been and is sinister to thieve

the love i am

will art for food

physical and psychological disabilities deplete my energy

and today

i work my ass off

at staying alive

art in maintenance therapy

my self medication, my drug


wellness of self so i can try to find that oxygen mask

to be all i can to our Veteran family, and civilians, of course, who advocate for us

will art for food

my art is that work

my poetry too

do you see the beauty from the destruction that a soul is inflicted with

not my own doing, but the vile not yet on file

i call them criminals

you may see them differently, as well as the apathetic

i work my ass off to not be apathetic

will art for food

so all my art to you

my poetry – not this one though


for the speak to the soul

will art for food







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