Escaping Skid Row – idea 1 – original art 217k please!



2 very special pieces of original art is offered up – as a way to find sponsorship for the #EscapingSkidRow PROJECT. It is about a Marine who has been homeless forever – about 20 something year. He just received help from the V.A. 2 years ago June 2015. He has been wanting to escape skid row long ago, but has capitulated that his dream to own a high rise apartment downtown Los Angeles will never happen (not in his power) there is no way he can afford such a lofty dream. Just escaping skid row may take a stroke of genius, a lucky opportunity for artistic success (or winning the lottery). A few friends helped me to gain enough stability through the VA by helping me to gain medical and mental health care, as well as compensation for injuries. But this help has not been enough to escape out of skid row, and to escape homelessness forever. That is why i am hoping that the bigger community will be able to help me, so i am putting together all the ideas i can, and will present them on this page.

THE ART: This piece is a very first time and very original – guarantee there is no other piece out there nowhere in the world that is like this. The hearts are Tiny-Tiny, about 6 to 9 hearts could fit on a quarter. It is very much one of a kind. I created RIP-art in the year 1999 maybe… i was cut off from the world, in the depth of suicidal ideation as a result of depressive disorder and ptsd, victimized and abused, tormented with haunts that did not belong to me but have been subjected to them because i was powerless, hopeless, and helpless.

Deep amidst Trauma and Depression is where RIP-art was born. When i was a POW of an unknown war, i was, i am MIA, hoping that the art projects as well as the book i am writing will bring my soul – as well as other souls, some freedom, and some more civility to be added to the #BroaderRoad2Civility. So, in a way, you will also be helping me to gain enough stability to also write my book, and help to change society, where i hope that i will also be able to do speaking engagements for the same kind of change that brings more civility to our world. It is the same as the birth of my art and poetry, it is given to the #BroaderRoadToCivility

$217,000.oo (the Collector can pay more if she or he wishes to)


tini-tiny hearts in a tiny little container, see the penny – please BE and/or help to find the PATRON Β  Β  Β  Please SHARE Β ———————————————————————————————–
In the month of AUGUST
EVERYBODY buy a box of 25-cards
To hire this Marine
4 #EscapingSkidRow
4 the #BroaderRoad2Civility in your home, and the homes of friends …
Thank U so very much for the share and PATRONAGE LOVE
kenneth james

This piece also includes a phone Consultation or a consultation at my (room) a closet in skid row, or your home (if you wish) before your hiring me helps me to escape skid row – this is included (we can meet anywhere in L.A. Pasadena, Glendale etc. For a consultation).

Also included is 12 personalized pieces of custom poetry art – through interactive conversation about any 12 people subjects that U wish for me to create about.

And finally, A custom piece of RIP – art on a wooden board (approximate size will be 27″x 36″ & at least 1/4″ thick) will be done for U within a year after consultation for it. I will speak to U if you wish about who U are personally, likes and dislikes, adversities and loves / passions etc. and i will come up with a personal piece.

In conclusion, the hearts look easy to make. So, here is the challenge. Take one of your magazines, don’t fold the paper, and don’t cut it, and with your hands, create a heart shape. After your finished, maybe you will think, hmmm, 10 hearts like this, in the matter of the connotation of love, is worth it. As an artist, each project i work on, some of them hundreds of hours, maybe well over thousands of hours like the Eclectic Collective Love Collaboration.

Next year – Valentine’s Day will be the second counting party/installation which may be temporal, or a semi permanent installation depending if i get sponsors for the envisioned containers and/or crystal receiving area

NOTE: for those who might purchase this, or those who may know the person who will – and is willing to make a connection between me and that person – for that, i will at least make one custom piece of RIP Art for you too (about 27″x36″X1/4″ thick) unless you want a total of 6 pieces of customized POETRY ART. i will do something very special for you… just talk to me, i will entertain your proposals as well.

Thank You for your Love for this Disabled Marine, who is me, kenneth james.

Peace & Love!

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