” It’s been a long time ” – everyday poetry 243

Here with some of the Veteran Fam

Terre Army Strong – Adam Army Strong – Wes Army Strong – Rick Air Force Strong and me – missing a few people Eric Army Strong – Lucy Army Strong Leilani the fearless leader – and Patrick the other Marine, and those who used to come, or came once in awhile, and those yet to come Women and Men Veterans of our fam.

i have not been here in awhile

i have a couple posts to posts

i want to be a blogger

but how can i be

when at times i beg for tomorrow


i see the heavens waiting

calling me plain as day

i am not really plain

and wishing for anything normal today


i published for the very first time

in a book of Veteran and Veteran family Writers

mine is behind the razor wire

where i sit at today

i do have visitors

reasruing my ghost

i do have plans

trying to get them out post by post


i don’t need pity

i don’t need a thank U for your service…

not in that way – like the empty i love you’s

i know there are meaningful people

all i need is a chance to live


i need a chance to live

i do need to be hired

a place where i won’t be fired … again

maybe as an artist

where my room is my studio


maybe i will escape skid row

maybe this August

maybe this year

i can barely keep my eyes open

hyper sensitivity to the lights i think

to the sun

to people talking

it all seem st affect me.

The ringing in the ears

the pain in the neck – c-5 through c-7 crushed thanks to the criminals

no thanks


let us go to the positive

this is what i try

but in the afternoon

just saying why


but i do wish to have a positive outlook

we go to the street today

we drive a ride this way

we take another step after straying into mental anguish


thank U to my Veteran family,to the Advocates of Wellness, and for those who really advocate our Veteran family

thank U


i will try the positive note

i am going to work on another idea today

put them all out there

see if the universe smiles for an opportunity to live a grand life

my dreams are bigger

because death has been ever present

the ghost wishes and dreams

to know what it is like being dead, life in an abundance of giving back… to a capacity of only the unlimited ideas… but how to get there


i have a dream

my friend still echoes

he was not my friend

but would he have been my frienbd

i think he is all of our friend

and all the family in that spirit

equality for all, civility for all

Eclectic Love

Eclectic Love

14:27:31 on 16/21/17

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