Soles following the Soul of Curiosity ” – everydaypoetry – 244


Soles following the Soul of Curiosity

(hybrid prompt from Carlos and the Marine)

gracing the streets with beaten paths that last and last and last

where where U when i heard from U last

i heard a train in the background

then screaming

and it was almost as if i seen lights beaming


gleaning from a time of wrists watches that are now closer to the beam me aboard Scotty tech in a man’s eye wishing to catch a glimps of the local hottie asking a favor not so spotty to me

have you ever had a potty mouth

or spoken the truth quite frankly wishing for common sense to the that’s true instead of becoming blue in the face and denouncing what is known for certain deep within the soul from whence the soles have taken most all individuals as a journey of human nature precipices by the very desires and needs that is woven into the basic DNA principles that have never been disputed as bad except for haughty fake piased people in a holier than though gown of NO INNOCENCE IN THEIR BLOOD EITHER to contradict the actual innocence that you are and have been before you were attacked for the observations beheld and iterated as a note of something everyone knows but will never say for the sake of not being judged for the realities that are ever present.

My soles have taken my soul on quite a journey, and guess what, i am almost always curious about cleavage but not the mysteries of sexuality. Because as i see it, this is people of usery who are taking the elements of nature to taunt eyes with flaunted delivery systems to the senses and a chiding chastisement for the observer as if they are the one who is wrong.

Fact is neither the exposed nor the beholder of the beauty are the one wrong. The only one who is wrong is the one who says, excuse me, my eyes are up here. Yes, your eyes may be up there, but your hypnotic cleavage is right where my eyes are, and they are going to stay there until they are done beholding so stop putting your judgy thoughts out into the air and appreciate that U are being appreciated as the art that is conveyed, or put a sheet over it as the other art pieces that are not supposed to be viewed for this session.

When i am beholding nature, i take it all in

i hike for that reason

to take in natures beauty

humans are part of that nature… and one is attracted to what one is attracted to

or in other words, what one is taken away with when beholding

when i am in the forest appreciating the design of a tree, i really take time and behold it, like a breath of fresh air. I may even do a photo shoot of it

when beholding a tree for it’s beauty, i have never heard it saying, hey, my bark is right here, or hey, my leaves are right here!

My Soles are following the Soul of Curiosity

right up the street, and trying to feed my imagination for all the life sustaining stimuli that makes you and i a better person. Not by denying our greatest assets, say of observation or being who we are, and appreciated for what we are conveying in total.

Don’t call me a sexist because i behold beauty, and have a desire to have beauty in my life. Don’t put me in the mix of your confused little pea brained washed by the confines of arrogance in the judging and trying to keep people where U think they ought to be instead of where they are naturally and not harming any other but merely making observations and doing what they can to interact with nature the way nature is intended… give your judgement a rest


semper fi

142333 on on June 28th 2017

today we had Carlos – Army Strong | Rick – Air Force Strong | Wes – Army Strong | Adam – Army Strong | and our writing Coach LeiLani Squire

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