GUESS how many hearts & win a tini-tiny card

ON AUGUST 29th i will count the hearts in this container. It might be recorded live on FB maybe… and or on TWITTER, or it will be a video posted to each with the announcement of the winner of original TINI-TINY CARD as well as a personal message for the winner, or up to 5 winners.

If there are more than 5 people who guess the amount of hearts in the container, they will be put into a drawing, that i will record, maybe at the monthly Wellness Works – Glendale (Veteran & Vet Advocate and family) BBQ which is the 3rd saturday of each month… or maybe i will think of a way to do it so it is impartial.


Take a guess

leave it here as a message, i will approve it once a week, and the final day will be the 29th.

Or post it on the fb post if you are on fb the pic is linked


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