” monday is a great day for an OPULENT FANTASY ” everyday poetry 246

Today, half the crew was mia – We had Adam & Wes (son and father – Army strong) Rick –  (Airforce Strong) Eric – (Army Strong) me (USMC) and Leilani Squire (Daughter of a Korean War Veteran – Navy)  We are missing our 2 Women Veterans both Army strong Terre and Lucy AND the other Marine Patrick – though i was able to see him and a few other Veterans after group therapy!

MY PROMPT (it is the way i signed a letter to a curator (Koren) for the CA stateCapital where my art will be displayed for private meetings with Senator Ed Hernandez)

131949 ON JULY 26 2017

monday is a great day for an OPULENT FANTASY

start it out slowly

or as fast as a speeding bullet

not that bullet

38s are much too slow

but they may look good in a smith and wesson nickel plated with hickory stock

but maybe r2d2 bullets

from a naval ship

the bullets that can shoot their own bullets that were just shot out of the barrel

the robot



i call it fantasy

do U know it will happen

keep dreaming they say

fantasizing is sexier

gives just a little more breath to life

i don’t have a wife


do i wish i did

i mean if i had everything this world could offer

am i dynamic enough to hold her with everything in the world to offer

would i be even close to everything in the world to offer as a spouse


doubt it

one of my best friends and his wife celebrate 18 years this year

and the doggy girl today, she is here with her mother

she said her and her husband have 17 years

and her mother, she is married to a Marine

she must be in the 50 years of marriage

and happy as a lark with all the realities in her eyes

of what everything that life has been for her and her family and experiences with friends


but i am not talking about these fantasies

for some people these are not fantasies nor dreams

but realities

yes, i could easily see myself on a beach front property where most of the living is done

and the woman who chose me being that dynamic woman

she could be materialistic too

but dynamic in the way that she thinks of others, she thinks of this world and where it is and where it is going

she is a contributor to the broader road to civility


my fantasies

always have their best start on a monday

i don’t know why

maybe it is the beginning of most peoples week here

some peoples week start on sunday

mine on monday

i am strongest on a monday

all my fantasies backed up from all the torment of psychological problems i have not shaken (shook) yet

the Woman at starbucks in her sexy business / socializing dress

a million bucks

her look

her attention

drawing my eyes not to miss a single detail of every physicality in my purview


guess what

she approached me

she didn’t ask for my # the way Heidi asked for Adams

Adam, he is legend though

that charisma

i took an unannounced class from him once

o.k. several times

maybe we all do

but did i learn anything


he has a good mentor

an entire circle i am sure

i know some of them

dynamacies in the fullness of life


so back to the woman

on a hot 89º in July

in this vanilla skirt and jacket

and everything lovely

even the bandage on her ankle as she limped over toward me

i love your tie


nothing witty from my lips

like i like your everything

i have been studying her since she walked through the doors

not even trying to camouflage the study

she asks, what does that mean

i say, i hope santa clause is going to bring me something

was that something right before my eyes

no witicisms

trust me, i hated myself all the way home

she walked to the counter to fix her drinks

and said something like

he has no clue ,.,, to her friends

i have no idea what she said

i can’t put all these fantasies in a 20 minute writing

but i want to live

escaping skid row idea three – google this – it is another fantasy

i want to live




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