Buy a lot – or buy a box of 25-cards, or 10, or even one – but ask everybody to join you in doing it – will i earn 40k – 100k rock-star money- or 3$’s 

Please do it! It takes a community!

#EscapingSkidRow is about a Marine who’s life was saved through art – as an artist has created beauty from that which is ignored! And now through sharing it, he hopes the community of the U.S. and/or the world will come together to rescue him… very difficult to say, a Marine looking for a super hero, for super heroes.


In our world, everyone says they want to help a Veteran, so they give to a non-profit that says they are helping Veterans – but usually, they are helping their bottom line, and have no interest in a Veteran

I am a Marine, disabled since service, and i am in need, i have been trying desperately for over 7 years to escape skid row #EscapingSkidRow (twitter), and have suffered many other years of homelessness as well, all due to disabilities and people committing crimes against me… i hate to say it, victimizing a Veteran, a Marine. Yea, i hate to say it, when in the Corps, yes i did hold it down, put it all on the line, and almost bought the farm several times, as well as several times unfortunately by my own hand afterword, and, more unfortunately, almost by other hands after my service as well.
I would love to live in L.A. for a wonderful opportunity to become an artist. I am not begging for a handout, i am asking you to look at me art, and find a box of cards and/or a coffee/tea cup, a shower curtain, or even a 7ft acrylic, metal, or canvas print.

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It is a sign-up to remind you to buy art in August, and to – hopefully – encourage you to pursue your friends to do so {TODAY} too!
THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT – #EscapingSkidRow for helping the Marine with the #SkidRowExtraction i need a team!



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what is the art all about? it is about love amidst adversity, it is about nature, it is about beauty from the disregarded and it is about #TheBroaderRoadToCivility, it is about hoping to find hope, it is about sharing the art in hopes of nurturing, and it is about sharing in hopes of becoming successful in the #EscapingSkidRow project, not only for this Disabled Marine – but upon super successful reception of this – i will start my own Homes for Veterans Collaborative. It is also about the dark side of (complex) PTSD & (severe) depressive disorder (i need a book venue for that)

why the homes for Veterans Collaborative – because it seems there are people who are superficially interested – and not enough real interest is with commitment can be found. Personally, being homeless for so many years because of being victimized by people while vulnerable to my disabilities – which causes difficulties #EscapingSkidRow – see the documentary buzz slowly getting out on twitter (also – see the director’s page – look up {sumthen instagram}

buying art from me – a disabled Marine – will make it so that i can have a career doing what i do best… which is what i do for survival! ART & POETRY

where does it come from? it comes from experiences that i have had – which are life and death experiences starting from the earliest memories and stories told to me about when i was just a child, to the experiences in the Marine Corpse, to the experiences of my 2 greatest epiphanies and the small awakenings as well, to the experiences of being extremely victimized by people who committed crimes against me while i was very vulnerable while suffering severely from disabilities, to the post victimization which … unfortunately still continues, and all the strides made at seeking help to try to find life and stay alive between the severe depressive disorder and the complex PTSD

when i first started in ’89 – (some of the negative sides of disabilities)  it was after several attempts of suicide (it has taken me many many years to even say it in the reality of what it is) – a therapist, who i am certain did not care wether i lived or died, suggested that i try art therapy! But… like several of them before her, and several of them after, i know they only did not want to have a suicide in their record for someone who was under their “care”.  (U will find out more about that once i am stable and able to write my book, i have been trying to do so at least since 2003 or before). it is hard to

if U have been to my other site, or have visited this site here, you will likely agree that i am an artist, i am a Marine, i am disabled, and i am a poet. i stay on skid row, i have been homeless too many years to count… well in homeless years, nobody wants to count it.  My art and poetry, i hope will be used for the broader road to civility, and not just enjoyed for the aesthetics of it.

becoming an artist – in where one flourishes because of the sale of the work produced – is what i hope to do some day. Maybe 2016 – and starting right now – share, tweet, fb, pinterest, e-mail, and by any other social media, including the word or mouth. i will not be mad if people campaign for me, because this is the most difficult for me to do.

i have tried for 3 years now – this year, i sold one card – rather someone bought one card.

becoming successful will not only mean a place to live, but if it goes as well as i know it can, it will mean a place to create as well, most likely – i will open it up, as a gallery and studio – a space i can acquire – for me and several other Veterans i know. We will do things for the community. we will do things for the world, and mostly, we will make meaningful art for a broader road to civility – or maybe that will just be me, but most the Veterans i know, are on a similar page, if not the very same. Of course, we will make mind intriguing art as well, and maybe some things will be made just in the spirit of creativity, spontaneity, weaving and meandering on roads, and in rivers, through paths, and in the jungles, in and out of caves and in the depth of the forests, at the very deepest crevices of the sea, and in the highest peaks of the mountains, including the scaleless sky high buildings in the concrete jungles throughout this planet called earth. I will make a dream and fantasy page, were not all of my dreams of art will go, because i will keep some, or many of them under wraps until i get sponsorship, and the unveiling of them, and when all the people buy the cards to get me going as an artist, well i will then not even need sponsorship, but most likely will then get it – as it seems it is the way it works. People or collectives of people will want my art to be somewhere in the vicinity where the most of the populace will be able to enjoy it.

this page will ever be changing, and ever be the idea of hope.

a box of 25 cards including shipping and handling will cost 4$’s a card ($ 100.oo including shipping and handling – i think anywhere around the world, and at least in the U.S. of A. – which is not bad for an ART CARD.

i have asked the site to mix the cards for the boxes of 10 and 25. they still refuse to do so – my clients should all send a note or call them, and tell them specifically for kenneth james art – that you want it to be able to be mix matched. 

In 2016, for the 8/29 show, i will plan on signing cards – i will sign one per box for two -4 hour sessions in the noon and in the evening.

– [no more homelessness] – because U  {all} hired him by buying a box of cards from the skid row artist, Marine Corporal, kenneth james. this stability will contribute to mental health stability, and i surmise even to physical health stability as the artist will then be able to eat really wholesome healthy food, and partake in treatments conducive to health.

As an Artist it is my wish – my desire to share art all around the world – Art for civility 

For stability – my dream is to get off of skid row L.A. and never have to worry about being homeless again PLEASE, JUST CLICK THIS TEXT &/OR PIC BELOW to read more about this 8/29 wish, my dream of sharing art around the world, and eventually helping other Veterans as an Art Therapist – a therapy that has mitigated my own severe depressive difficulties that are part of complex PTSD ! 

8.29 - buy art please

8.29 – buy art please

 Read more below the art!



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river of passion

river of passion

To learn a bit more about the Artist, kenneth james; here is a (very) mini documentary created by an excellent Videographer who is a very detailed Photographer, he is a Photojournalist, and creator of documentaries, Art Lemus of PCC, & CSUF

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let’s get 1,000,000 people or more to partake

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  1. I met Kenneth on LinkedIn network, last year we met at poetry reading in person. Amazing artist, we wanted to support his mission by sharing his artworks to all we know. All friends, Marine Bro got my husband to go to listen to all poems and he got the book. Kenneth empowers all wether your browsing his art pieces or talking to him.

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