Art 4 sale

Buy Art 

there is over 250 pieces of art of various mediums:

ALL ART  FOR SALE   ☆ Pen & ink and other designs       RIP – Art      Sculpture                      Installation       photography  and some artistic expression     multi-media                (and soon to come poetry on video)

love – it is a winner – a challenge at times to remain in this entity, but when we do… winner!!!

4 thoughts on “Art 4 sale

  1. Hey Kenneth, It’s Dave from the VRC. I just wanted to let you know that you have great talent, and I am glad that you are finding an avenue to deal with your pain. I too have pain from the past, so it is imperative that we find things that alleviate that pain. Keep your head up my brother, and I will see you around school.

      • You truly hit the nail on the head my friend! As long as we can find peace in our lives again, I believe we will be just fine. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. As a medic, it was one of my responsibilities to care for not just the physical trauma, but emotional as well. I began to lose sight of my own inner dilemmas because I focused most of my time and energy on others. I am still trying to deal with how to heal myself before others, but it is truly hard for me. I think this is the reason why I still have an affinity to help others; hence my pursuance of a nursing degree. Through helping others, I believe it heals a part of me as well. Do you agree?

        • thank U Dave, i do need help, as i know that many of us do… I too wish to help U in becoming stable

          i want to speak to U about what i do, and try for mental health stability i.e. Art therapy, meditation, and journaling – if U wish, i am going to do a writing specifically about these things and my journey.

          also, yes i would love it if U could help me in my efforts in becoming Stable ( – it is not hard – i have narrowed it down to a few steps

          1. join the card campaign (
          2. buy a card / pack of cards (or piece of art) any time before 12 12 12 @ 12 12 12
          3. invite friends (ask them to invite their friendS) and hope they all do the same buy art & invite friends

          this will – i hope end my many years of homelessness due to trauma… (disabilities) and will enable me to help other Veterans in a substantial way… besides art therapy and other ways to try to cope with and manage these episodes of … mental health difficulties from trauma

          thank U so very much for U’r friendship David… i greatly appreciate it!!!

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