” no dark is right ” – everyday poetry 253


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Rage rage again in the dying of the light The wise man at the end No dark is right Dillan Thomas We had some prompts from Eric (above) I have absolutely nothing to rage about I got over it It … Continue reading

” Coby Beef Coffee Cake ” – everyday poetry 252


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10/11/17 13:20:31 Deadly Writers Platoon with Wes, Lucy, Patrick, Rick, Carlos, my self and our Writers Coach Leilani Squire We see it straight out of We are in glendale today Gangster aren’t we Who wants to be gangster anyway Just … Continue reading

” a letter to my muse ” – Everyday poetry 251


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Today in group there is 6 of us Veterans. Wes, Adam, Lucy, Terre, Carlos, and myself.  Who was missing, the other Marine Patrick, and Air Force – Classic Rick! Leilani was there with new challenges, i took it, and it … Continue reading



how do U describe one’s soul – Rick’s prompt

So today, we wrote with Wes, Leilani, Lucy, Terre, Rick, Eric, and Adam = Veterans and our fearless Leader

We have NOT ON OUR WATCH which will be on September 20th until the 23, we will have our group there on the bridge again, and we will, i will be there most every day = likely as i have the last 2 years

cheers and here is the writing:

133632 on 09/13/17


Sometimes it is good to get fucked

sometimes it’s not

i mean

there is fun

there is love

there is the vile

and there are bodies soaking tiles

how can the latter bring anybody smiles


we have a journey don’t we

i have been fucked for 10 years at a time

not a good fuck

but fucked

still fucked


I really hate this

fuck fuck fuck

not in the good way

the way that we get pushed into the rivers

the way that we get shoved off a cliff

the way that we get pushed in front of the truck, a train or a trolley

the way we get pushed out the window of a highrise apartment

is the way we get attacked

is the way people purjur themselves against us

is the way the person who hit you with their car wins the settlement that is clearly his fault

is the way a person is wrongfully imprisoned

is the way that bloody atrocities are easily covered up


nothing fucks you more than time

can you turn that into a positive

i am supposed to be on this positive thinking routine

how many years have i tried and failed to be on it


i want to be fucked in the positive way

2 naked bodies or more

having a time of it behind closed doors

or the out of doors

on beds and floors

in the sand on seashores

on the camping trip after somores

In the graveyard in Paris

don’t talk about desecrating the dead, the ghosts will be cheering and thankful

there are no prudish ghosts



take it easy, it is nature… and the nature that i need


i go to the forests at times

i go to the beach too, once in awhile

not enough

the last time I went

i thought i was going to get fucked again, not in the good way

sitting on the back of my Lex

i noticed the police are looking at EVERYBODIES CAR

i say hey when one of them pass by

two of them are now leaning on a building in the shade

and a lovely woman with a brown hound dog is walking through the parking lot

her dog is hunting any and every bird it sees

when she passes me by, i say, your dog has a one track mind

she laughs and continues walking as she sais, yes he does

minutes later

2 police approach me and are running me

but trying to keep me calm

i ask them – is there something wrong with hanging out on the pier

no, and they thank me for my service – and keep running me


do you have any questions


but really, i thought they were trying to set me up or frame me for something


well, if you have been through what i have been through

it would be normal thought


i finally went for my walk = now = to unfuck myself

came back about an hour later

the pier is on lock down about 8 blocks every direction

a bomb threat

in a way, i am relieved… i was not being set up

i was not being targeted per say

though a Marine on the Pier

i am pissed that the integrity of a Marine is questioned

but better to have vigilance than not to

so i took a hit

not really fucked


like a journal entry right…

how do I describe my soul, in part you see it above

anguished scream - hire me as an artist - buy a box of cards in AUGUST. Please share, and help me to get thousands of people to do so = remember i am disabled... A Marine, and "unaployabile" because of my disabilities

anguished scream – hire me as an artist – buy a box of cards in AUGUST. Please share, and help me to get thousands of people to do so = remember i am disabled… A Marine, and “unaployabile” because of my disabilities




Eclectic Prompt for your Electric Destiny – Everyday Poetry 249


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” childhood is the barrel they give you ” Everyday poetry 248


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” nurtured and castigigated” – everyday poetry 247


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” monday is a great day for an OPULENT FANTASY ” everyday poetry 246


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” You can’t play god without the touch of evil ” – everyday poetry 245


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GUESS how many hearts & win a tini-tiny card


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