i want to share this Installation around the World and grow it to 100,000 pieces which means… it is a big dream

if you watch the video, there is a box below the video which explains the price that it will cost just for a minimal production cost!!!

i also will put the installation on for 2 to 4 Non-Profits per year for free

minus cost of travel, lodging and food – as well as the price of recreating the hearts – if the NonProfit intends on giving the hearts away – there is a cost for replacement of hearts – as well as an individual cost for customizing the appearance other than how they come out – (in white plaster form) i.e. painting it pure white, or black with design, or pink or red etc… maybe gold , or rainbow, whatever the case may be. This, obviously – is because i can’t incur cost of materials and time to do this.

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