Escaping Skid Row

a Marine

finishes his contract

to year of check out

doesn’t know why the check out

tries to go to school and venture his career path of his dream – Gourmet Chef

the breakdowns in public places

the losing of jobs

not knowing why, and having symptoms of disabilities but nobody to recognize them.

This unforutunately went on for decades

i am a Marine

any indications of my needing help never registered

i became a christian, prayed about all the sins, but never could finure out what the nightmares meant, and what they were related too. i found out decades later about suppression.

Long story short, i started to realize i needed help, after too many breakdowns and the attempts to leave this planet, this pain, this overwhelmedness!, this anguish, this abyss where too often nothing makes sense.

Well, i still have these complications as related to several disabilities. And it is not for the lack of trying that i have not had any success, and i am still trying… in my natural abilities as an artist, poet, and born Social Worker… though i won’t be able to pursue this anymore as a professional viable profession because of too many breakdowns proving i can’t maintain a professional environment because of the breakdowns, as well as other complications of outside contributions keeping me from stability (all of which will be discussed in the book i am writing) but, stability, this is my current obligation.