Love Art – amidst Adversity – true – everyday Valentine

 On 8/29

my dream is to share love  for the broader road to civility, My dream is to be able to live, my dream is then to be able to help others  to live life to the fullest  • the same way I wish to live , My dream is about the fullness of truth  thriving •   So when you like my art, by my art on 8/29 and these dreams will come true, share and it’s going at least 30,000 people to buy a box of cards & the dreams will come true

 the subject of love – are these here and about 100 or more on my site

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i am hoping that i will be able to sell countless boxes of cards on one specific day, 8/29

2 thoughts on “Love Art – amidst Adversity – true – everyday Valentine

  1. I want to buy one an art pieces but I want an original made for my decor, can you do that…I have a safari theme of brown, black, off white beige and woods furniture…SGT Sandra Rolon, US Arny

    • yes Sandy, i can dialogue with U about the decor of your house… i see black and brown, so – one might consider contrast in the art, or the framing with the same kind of contrast in the art, and then have a frame and matting that contrasts the decor… and with the white and beige furniture considered.

      i want to talk to U more about what U like either specific piece that i do, which can be more expensive for a substantial piece that takes 100 hours or more… or if we are looking at a less sophisticated piece that will not take as long… i will send you an email with my # and we can talk further, i have things going on until valentines, but i think i can start to do the thinking and prep… if we agree on a size, sophistication and what price range you are looking for!

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