RiP – Art

RIP – Art

love don't preach - when someone is down!!!

when someone is traumatized, subjected to an unending situation, they need love, and understanding, not to be beaten down with preaching – making the person who is full of depression, to become even more depressed in this hopelessness!

life's Love reciprocated v2

in life, we make things for living because of the things that are here to give us life, that is what this art represents. It is the call for us to be great stewards of these gifts, to preserve and give back – so that we do not just use it all up!!!
i personally focus on recycling all i can, minimized water use, and reusing what i can before throwing it away, oh and recycling paper!!! These are some of my attempts at good stewardship, i hope to start replanting, and mulching if i get stable enough for my own place!!!

⇩first officially published piece of art ⇩

Nature is a natural giver to the souls of we who inhabit the earth

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