Skid Row Artist Dreams

not to die on skid row LA or any other skid row

to never be homeless again

to never allow anyone else any other people to commit crimes against me, or take advantage of me

to share art all around the world

to share my instillation all around the world

to learn how to do a good job of orating my poetry

to share my poetry at many more venues

to have my poetry made into songs by awesome artists who sing

to sell a million boxes of cards on Valentines day – from all my collections out of over 250 pieces of ART, the collection of my Love Art, kenneth’s Nature, designs or any art on my art for sale pageΒ

to get a Ph.D. in Art Therapy – to help other Veterans with PTSD , depression and other disabilities, ad eventually to help other groups of people.

to write a book about the trauma my best friend suffered.

to do public speaking

to do many of my other Art projects once i have money!!!

to do the many other philanthropic endeavors once i have money to do so !!!

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