the ECLC

the ECLC

it is an installation that celebrates community resilience; love for and by the individual in order to sustain the corps of the person you are, the person i am, and love for people who passed in a traumatic situation, it could be from the 9/11 era, it could be prior, and it could be very recent

with the idea, that all who come to the table to collaboratively create the collective love art piece, all will say something together, in the same modulation at the same time so as to bring all of the souls together in unison – in a brief moment that they speak, the life of the installation, and for the longevity of the stars flickering – as these words are spoken to eternity, and reinforced by all the other souls that are sharing love for themselves, for others and remembering others who are no longer with us!

some of the positive affirmations of community resilience, self love, love for others, including those who have passed… might go a bit like this:

a). today, i am going to take time out to love myself (or to learn to love myself… etc.), i remember my Marine Brother Billy Bob who served honorably just to come back home and be victimized… i will do all to honor your memory and to bring you back to life


that may be extreme, or not extreme enough, remember… it is basically heard by you, because you are speaking at the same modulation as everyone…

some people may say, i am remembering my brothers, and/or sisters i lost at …. ______ ______ location etc. one may voice the missing of the person etc. and i am going to do the best to be nice to myself, kind to myself even, and forgiving of myself, in these ways i will love and honor you, and be the best i can in order to contribute to the best world we live in, to live my fullest life to honor you…


if nobody else is not speaking when you are, you may keep it at the same modulation, or you may feel free to drop the modulation to a whisper or even to just continue it in your mind


when everyone is done – people find each others eyes and one by one put a heart in. or, it may be that all 8 Β – 15 people will put the hearts in at the same time