Win Love Art – Contest


in this, first Contest,

CONTEST RULES – Like this Art Page

1.          invite everyone you know to like my page

                     just click the link, like the page, and invite your friends

                     you may wish to write something on your page, about how you know me, and asking people to like the page after you invited them. 

                    you can also team up, and do it as a team, so it will be up to you to decide who gets what part of the prize!

CONTEST ends on Valentines day 02:14:14 @ (14:14)   possibly extended to 2/28

when Valentines day comes, at 2:14 (14:14) the totals will be counted, and the person with MOST – more than 100 or more people to like Kenneth James Art page – gets the grand prize.

the idea is to have Everyone invite Everyone else to buy a box of cards ON VALENTINES DAY and/or on 8/29 2 important dates for the Skid Row Artist, U.S. Marine Corporal, kenneth james – seeking to get out of skid row L.A.


i will be giving away an original piece of my art to the person who gets 100 persons added to my fan page, or more!!! This piece is RIP – art , i will post it after it’s first showing at the Pasadena Foreign Legion on February 4th 2014, where Kathy Lynch of Wellness Works Glendale – & – i – will be speaking.

first PRIZE

Not to worry though, there is a first prize for whoever gets the second highest # of people, which is a box of 25 limited edition SIGNED cards

second PRIZE

is a box of 10 limited edition SIGNED cards

third PRIZE

is a box of 5 limited edition SIGNED cards

there will only be 100 pieces to this limited edition! 

in addition, if this contest is extremely successful, there will be an UPGRADE very dynamic piece of art added as the grand prize, which will be announced if the contest just goes crazy off the charts!

for this contest, i shall personally send this piece of art to anybody who wins, Anywhere around this great big world we live in, this world in which we are afforded to be able to communicate with people all around the world.

This piece below is not the piece that will be given away, unless the winner makes a specific request, and i shall ask them, but as far as the original art piece, it will be a RIP-ART piece, and it is already made, the substantial piece that i will give away if there is an extreme success of the contest, it is still being made, and it is awesome, i mean, i am loving it.

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