what i wish to do after becoming stable – through 8/29 dream

there are several projects that i will be freed to do when i am financially stable –

first and foremost… i will be able to WRITE A BOOK

i have been trying to write for well over 14 years, maybe like 17 years… but the trauma of the topic is complex and difficult… and i am not in a good area

second  work on RESURRECTED LOVE RECLAMATION – sharing it, and growing it from 100 to 100,000 as an interactive art

third to sculpt “Find U’r Love Found” and other sculptures that i have been yearning to create… including sex as a weapon, and seabreazed eagles with seagulls and sand, and many other pieces of art, and freer range of creativity because of the ability to have many more supplies, space and ability to create.

in the process, i shall continue to help Veterans, but at a fuller potential of the capacity in which i truly wish to help to make the dreams of others who also laid it all on the line for the Democracy of everyone in the U.S.

and of course, i would eat good foods, be able to regain some of the health i lost in the waining through homelessness – and skid row throw backs to the trash vats of people not giving a damned about themselves so for certain they gave not a damned about me. i would eat good, drink good water and other healthy beverages… including synergy chia drinks etc… getting healthier… is a hope, and an encouragement to all my other friends… who ever will be with me is my family… as some of us learn the unfortunate lesson… family is not necessarily who U are born with, it is more the people U are close to, who U know – they are more than just words.


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